This post is part of Little Free Library’s Steward Spotlight series! This series delves into the diversity of steward experience and uncovers the challenges, surprises, and best practices of Little Free Library volunteer stewards around the world.

Savannah Lewis knew that many rural neighborhoods and small towns in Texas did not have public libraries or easy access to books. So for her Girl Scout Gold Award, she focused on ways that she could provide easy access to affordable books in rural neighborhoods near La Vernia, Texas. She ultimately built two Little Free Library book-sharing boxes, one in La Vernia and the other in neighboring Stockdale, Texas.

little free library la vernia tx

The Little Free Library that Savannah made out of a newspaper vending box and installed in La Vernia, TX.

Where exactly are your Libraries located?

“The first one is located along the main street of Stockdale, which has a population of 1,442 residents. The second one is located at a central gas station on the city limits of La Vernia, at an intersection where two Texas farm-to-market roads and a county road meet. There are a quite a few rural neighborhoods out here, and the little ice cream and coffee shop next to the gas station get a lot of visitors. I was surprised at how easily stewarding these Libraries fit into my schedule.”

What type of books move the fastest in your Little Libraries?

“The kids books go the fastest in both locations! But they go through quite a few adult books, as well. Mysteries and action/adventure type books seem to move well. I think about 20 – 25 books move through the Libraries on a weekly basis.”

What was the biggest challenge you faced when starting these Little Libraries?

“The biggest challenge was finding locations for both Libraries and getting it approved by the property owners. I got approval by talking to the owners and letting them know that the Little Libraries really were free!  They didn’t have to do anything but give me permission to install them there. I teamed up with the local owner and editor of our county newspaper to get the newspaper vending boxes. We refurbished them with money from my Girl Scout Troop that we had earned selling cookies, and was dedicated for Gold Award projects.”

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking of starting a Library, what would it be?

“Starting a Little Free Library is always more fun when you have the support of your family and community to help you. So get out there and just ask! It might surprise you how excited people get!”

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