Second grade teacher Jennifer Quattrucci’s stewardship began with a book she shared with her students, Little Libraries, Big Heroes by Miranda Paul. The book is an inspiring story of how Little Free Library’s founder, Todd Bol, created the network of little libraries that you see in over 100 countries today.

With Todd’s vision in mind, Jennifer applied to the Impact Library Program intent on installing a Little Free Library at her school.

“Reading and sharing this book, Little Libraries, Big Heroes, with my students inspired me to explore the possibility of installing our own Little Free Library here at Harry Kizirian Elementary School. I did a little research and found out about Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program … I filled out the application, and, shortly thereafter, we received it! I am excited that now ours will be added to the world map, but more importantly will serve our wonderful community.”

The groundbreaking ceremony at Harry Kizirian Elementary School in Providence, Rhode Island, was attended by several members of the community including Providence’s mayor, Jorge Elorza, and  Harry Kizirian’s daughter, Shakay Kizirian.

“It was exciting to us to have the daughter of Harry Kizirian [Shakay] attend, and she has been back throughout the month to donate books. We have also been so grateful to so many people in the community for donating books and spreading the word to others that we welcome donations.”

Jennifer says that she’s always looking for diverse literature to share with her students and fellow educators; she says the next step is to work with her school district to bring Little Free Libraries to more Providence schools. You can locate Jennifer’s Little Free Library #120041 on our world map.

How many books would you estimate have been shared through your LFL?

I have refilled it every Friday, and I would say that in this first month about 100 books have been shared.

Has the LFL been well received by your community?

Yes, our Little Free Library has been well received by our community and has inspired a great deal of interest from other communities in Rhode Island.

What’s been your favorite part about being a LFL steward?

My favorite part about being a steward is the privilege of being able to update it and the conversations I’ve had with others, either expressing gratitude, or asking for advice on how to get started.

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