The small island community of Grenada, located off the northeast coast of Venezuela, now has a Little Free Library #80239 in the capital city of St. George’s!


Pictured above: Cynthia and the artist who painted the Library.

The Library was built by a local Grenadian using recycled materials. Steward Cynthia Taylor registered the Library by purchasing a charter sign after reading about the passing of Little Free Library’s founder, Todd H. Bol.

“The goal of Our Community Libraries Grenada is to make books easily accessible to Grenadian families. While all level of books, fiction and nonfiction, will be included, the focus is children’s books from birth to age five, because many children on the island do not touch a book until they enter school, ” Cynthia said. “The single biggest predictor of high academic achievement is reading to children. Part of the goal of the Library will be to provide new babies with a plush book and a picture dictionary to instruct them through the beginning stages of literacy, thereby preparing them to start school. Since the Library is set up for individuals to take one now and leave one later, it can be self sustaining.”

Cynthia has plans to open more Little Libraries, and has started a nonprofit foundation to help bring books to the island. “The foundation would supplement the Little Libraries with books as needed,” she shared. “The request of the parishes is to make the Little Libraries out of recycled materials from the area and place them at local bus stops. The idea is, ‘If you build it, books will come.’ I am over the moon with how well it is going so far!”

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