Laura Damon-Moore of Library As Incubator Project is putting her creativity to work for you! She has come up with innovative, artistic ways to engage with Little Free Libraries and is sharing them with you in a series of blog posts called the Spark: Little Free Library series.

According to Laura, “this is a post series that’s all about making art, making stories, even making performances based on Little Libraries.” So try out these activities and share them with us by tagging #sparklfl on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Enjoy!

Is this Little Library in your neighborhood?

Another month, another set of ideas for sparking creativity with your neighborhood Little Free Libraries. In order to do these exercises, you’ll need to find and walk (or bike, or drive, I guess) to a Little Library. Here are three more ideas for ways to fill up the pages in your #sparkLFL notebook (I hope you still have it!):

  1. The idea behind this one is pretty simple: draw a Little Library of your choosing! Pencil, colored pencil, pen, marker, doesn’t matter. Color your drawing if you would like to. Try again from a different angle.
  2. Imagine that you are a visitor to Earth from outer space. Upon exiting your spaceship, you encounter the Little Library that you see in front of you. Analyze the library as an alien being might. Take notes, make sketches. What is this object? What is inside of it? What purpose do you suppose it serves? Write down your ideas.
  3. Look at the area surrounding the Little Library. What types of animals might live near by? Write down 3-4 ideas. Look at your list. Imagine what, if any, kinds of books each of these animals might enjoy reading. Are there any of these types of books in the Little Library in front of you? Write – or draw – a short story about one or two of the animals (who can read, obviously!) encountering this particular Little Library.

We hope you find the exercises in the Spark: Little Free Library series interesting and inviting. Once again, you are invited to share a page or two from your Spark notebook with us, on Facebook, on Twitter (tag to use is #sparkLFL). Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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