“Just hours after we put the library up, a little girl stopped and shouted to her father, who was down the street, ‘Daddy! I want to get a book!’ and my heart melted.”

Amy Viets knew that her neighborhood full of young kids, over 70% of whom live under the poverty line, would be the perfect spot for a Little Free Library. She applied to receive a sponsored Library and several weeks later, a Little Library arrived on her doorstep!

“I’m thrilled to be able to build community and offer books to kids who might not be living in a literature-rich environment,” said Viets.

Amy Viets's GIFT Fund Library!

Amy Viets’s Sponsored Library!

“In the short time since we got our library up and running, I’ve met and visited with quite a few families and kids walking home from school who appreciated what we’re doing. In a neighborhood where poverty and political division are ruling the day, it’s exciting to see barriers coming down and people recognizing that this little book box is a small step in the right direction.

She has had a great time watching people stop by the Library while walking their dogs or out with their families, and she reported a favorite moment when two middle-school kids shouted to her from the sidewalk that they liked what she was doing with the Little Library. That’s a hard market to impress!

In spite of one small incident where a group of kids scribbled inappropriate drawings in a little notebook kept in the Library, she feels the Library has been a great success and she keeps it stocked with books for all ages.

“Sharing books with the world from my front yard is a dream come true…I’m already planning how we’ll decorate it through the holiday season!”

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