ffcover3Facebook! Twitter! Pinterest! Instagram! Tumblr! Good Old-Fashioned Books! One of these things is not like the others, but is much more important when it comes to developing brain function, imagination and even warding off mental illness. So how can you get kids and teens to even consider spending time with real books?

Give your kids a copy of one of Katie Kacvinsky’s books, and see what happens. OMG passes across the lips of anyone who has read her books if you mention the characters in First Comes Love or Kacvinsky’s sequel, Second Chance. Inquiring readers want to know: what’s going to happen to Gray and Dylan after their intense hello? Dylan, a 17 year-old girl with adventure and possibility on her mental dashboard, can’t seem to shake the feelings on overdrive that she and Dylan shared. Dylan’s recovery from a life crisis and rediscovery of his athletic future are just part of the story addressed in Finally, Forever, Kacvinsky’s third installment that will appear in bookstores this summer.

Your kids, students or teenage neighbors will be so enthusiastic about the way Katie portrays their age group’s present and future that they won’t be able to put the book down. Their curiosity and devotion will extend to a girl named Maddie in Kacvinsky’s other series of novels (more reading!) that include the dystopian intrigues of political protest, societal collapse and renewal–and romance, of course– in the middle of it all.

Katie Kacvinsky’s story telling style and characters can educate us all about what’s on the minds of our younger contemporaries. She has captured them in full-tilt; situations, plots and relationships that suggest that she knows what’s she writing about and you want to know it, too.

So…why write about such things in the Little Free Library blog? To help you find great authors and help great authors find you! You will see a series of Facebook and blog posts about Ms. Kacvinsky’s writing…and you may even get an autographed copy of one of her books. Check our Facebook page regularly (may we suggest Thursday evenings?) so that you don’t miss your chance to win!

You can learn more about Katie and how music shapes her approach to writing as well as leading a full and engaging life. She enjoys talking with children, youth and adults about writing and publishing. And she shares useful tips about all of those things.  Click here to read them.

P.S. Awaken, titled Die Rebellion der Maddie Freeman, has confirmed Katie Kacvinsky’s rapidly-growing fan base in Germany Here’s a thought: why not use the German version to attract American students of German to reading about topics they care about? Great way to learn the language!

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