Over 80% of the people on Earth do not have access to the Internet. Imagine if you or your kids didn’t have access to the incredible amount of knowledge online – the photos, the videos, the stories, the chance to connect and learn from billions of other people. That would be pretty devastating, right?

Project Empathy is an International Effort to Reach Classrooms without Internet

Project Empathy Infographic

Infographic created by Project Empathy

This week marks the launch of a fascinating new international effort to bring digital content to classrooms where there is no Internet. It’s called Project Empathy.

As a steward and fan of Little Free Library, we know that spreading knowledge and giving kids and families access to the written word is important to you.

That’s why we’re letting you know about Project Empathy and we have a special invitation for you to become involved (scroll down for more information).

Here Is How It Works

You can get all the details on Project Empathy’s website, including this handy infographic which we love, but here is the short version of how it works.

Project empathy connects youth in places that have internet to youth in places that don’t. They do this by asking private individuals, schools, and other organizations to load a computer storage device with content (think: videos, photos, ebooks).

That device is then shipped to a classroom in Africa or another location without Internet access. Once there, the materials are incorporated into lessons for students.

Boy by Little Library

One young reader taking advantage of a Little Free Library!

The device will also be plugged into a satellite TV dish and pointed at Outernet satellites, which lets it download more content for free.

The receiving classrooms can connect via Twitter to people sending content, too. Learn more about how it works here.

It’s like a modern pen pal relationship between classrooms, but instead of just sending letters, you get to send an entire library.

A Special Offer for Little Free Library Fans to Join Project Empathy

We’ve been talking to the team behind Project Empathy and Outernet.

We think that their goals of spreading access to information and building bridges of understanding are pretty similar to what we all do when we start Little Free Libraries.

The Project Empathy team has a special offer just for Little Free Library fans: 10% off a Project Empathy Kit. Just use the code “steward” at checkout.

Click here to learn more about Project Empathy Kits and get involved today!


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