This week we were honored to receive a 2018 Force for Positive Change award, presented yesterday by Marquette University and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. This award recognizes “social entrepreneurship as a model for solving social or environmental challenges in a way that is sustainable, just, and that generates impactful change in the state of Wisconsin.”

The award, carrying a $12,500 cash prize, celebrates Little Free Library’s mission to increase book access and bring people together.

A total of eleven organizations were honored at the event. “While the winners come from very different fields and span the gamut from small entities run by a few passionate individuals to established organizations that have been operating for decades, they all share a commitment to balancing financial sustainability with a focus on social impact,” Laura Heisler, director of programming at WARF and co-producer of this year’s event, said in a news release. “We could not have been more impressed with the caliber of this year’s applicants.”

Little Free Library founder and executive director Todd H. Bol—pictured above with Wisconsin philanthropists John and Tashia Morgridge—accepted the award at Marquette University.

“This is for our whole sharing network: Little Free Library stewards, patrons, and friends,” says Todd. “We couldn’t have done this without you—in fact, this IS you!”

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