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Little Free Library has been named one of the first winners of a “2017 Top-Rated Nonprofit Award” from GreatNonprofits, the leading platform for community-sourced stories about nonprofits.

This award is based in part on the ratings and reviews that Little Free Library received from volunteer stewards, fans, and donors. To all of our supporters: Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Read a selection of reviewers’ inspiring stories below, and write your own review here:

“Little Free Libraries is a remarkable idea that has been embraced in thousands of communities worldwide. By making books free to share between neighbors, a Little Free Library is a sign that ‘caring people live in this neighborhood.’ While every LFL is a delightful expression of its owner’s creativity, all share essential values: 1) literacy is the foundation of democracy 2) that knowledge is for sharing 3) sharing a book is more satisfying than owning it. There is still much room for growth. The passion of the founder and the admin team is infectious. This team pours forth new ideas to enliven the 50,000 stewards and enrich their communities.” —David


“We have very diverse socioeconomic levels in central Florida. We have Heathrow, Sweetwater, and Islesworth replete with good schools, access to book stores, libraries, and private transportation. Then we have Pine Hills, South Apopka, and Parramore with limited access to the Internet, lack of funds for buying books, and barriers to getting library books. How can we fix these barriers to health, hope, and a good future? Little Free Libraries in neighborhoods where people frequent and by their homes will encourage them to expand their literacy levels, improve their education, and better their careers.” —Dr. O


“I love [Little Free Library’s] mission and support! When I found out about Little Free Libraries, I immediately wanted to have my own and spread the love of reading. I researched information on how to do it and found their resources to be amazing. They have a Facebook page which is interesting and helpful as well as a Facebook page for stewards with great sharing of ideas and tips for having your own successful LFL.” —Amy


“Our town had no library, so a LFL located across the street in a city park seemed like a good idea. It’s been a terrific way to cycle books from a fairly extensive library—I’m an English teacher—into the community. I rarely see those who frequent the library, but I was thrilled to hear on a bus ride home one evening, ‘My family loves the Little Free Library.'” —Joyce


“In January of 2015, I had never heard of Little Free Libraries. Then I came across a picture of a Little Free Library on Facebook, so I did a little free Googling and found this incredible organization. Here we are in March of 2017 and my Community of 30,000 amazing, generous, kind and dedicated people now has more than 80 chartered Little Free Libraries in our little 5 square mile city. The Little Free Library organization (which we refer to as our Mothership) has been truly inspirational, ridiculously supportive, helpful in the extreme and a big part of why we are so close to achieving our goal of having a Little Free Library within safe and easy walking distance of every Neighbor in Lake Worth, Florida.” —Mary


“This has been the most amazing thing that has happened in my neighborhood since Stephen King moved in! People love the library, and take very good care of it. They are grateful for the children’s books. There are many people living in the neighborhood without much extra to spend on books—and they are the ones who leave the most amazing notes in the guest book. With the struggles that families have making ends meet, the ability to bring extra books home to read—and actually to keep if they want to—is very very needed in today’s climate.” —Katie

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