This post is part of our Little Free Library moments series! This series highlights touching moments that are created by stewards and their Little Free Libraries. 

Leslie Hiller, the steward of Library #80140, knows a patron of her Library that takes books and reads them to his girlfriend who never learned to read. Hiller said that the patron specifically likes Westerns, and makes sure her Library is always well stocked with them. 


Author Jane Green took her Remarkable Bookcycle out for a spin in Westport, Connecticut, for The Big Share earlier this month! Learn more about the Remarkable Bookcycle, other ways we’re celebrating 10 years of Little Free Libraries, and how to get your own Mobile Charter Sign!

Image credit: Jane Green

Another individual who participated in The Big Share was Lana Basri, who is responsible for building the first Little Library #84460 in Bekasi, Indonesia! Below is a video of her celebrating The Big Share.


You can find Lana’s Library on our map, and also follow her on Instagram @lflbylana

Lastly, there are over 80,000 Little Free Libraries around the world, but this may be the only Little Free Library village! Located in Hyannis, Massachusetts, we’d love to get lost in a book (or a whole Little Library) here!

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