This post is part of our Little Free Library moments series! This series highlights touching moments that are created by stewards and their Little Free Libraries. 

Impact Library recipient Tamesha Derkach (Library #74700) from North Nashville, TN recently wrote to us about her experience as a new steward:

“The Little Free Library has meant so much to us in the short time it’s been up so far! It has made us feel more connected to our neighbors, and it’s been so heartwarming to see the community support. We live across the street from an elementary school, and the kids run over to check it every day after school. It has really been a huge hit, and we’re so thankful to the Impact Library program for making it all happen.”


The Homelore Library (Library #62004) from Gainesville, Florida recently celebrated its 1st anniversary and threw a beautiful party for its neighborhood! (Fun fact: the first Little Free Library is celebrating it’s 10-year anniversary this year!)


Library #17701 in Inglewood, CA was hurting from the weather and in need of a new paint job. When steward Morgan Culture started preparing the Library for a fresh coat, she was pleasantly surprised to see someone in her community had already taken on the job! “He asked if he could add color, too, so a new version is coming soon!”


And lastly, Annie from Claremont, California recently visited her first Little Free Library (#47760). We’re just as excited about sharing books too, Annie!

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