This post is part of our Little Free Library moments series! This series highlights touching moments that are created by stewards and their Little Free Libraries. 

Xavier built “Operation Imagination” (Library #86384) so he could do something positive and give back to his community. It has been completely embraced by community members. Many have visited and donated books, signed his guest book, and fellow stewards in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA, area have invited him to visit their own Libraries, too. Pictured is Xavier with “Operation Imagination,” his book donations, and him sharing those donations at other Libraries!


It’s always an exciting moment finding a good book in a Library, and sometimes the book can’t wait until you get home! This very instance happened to a little patron in Cumberland, Wisconsin.


On June 12th, a 6th-grade class from Sainte Famille Française in Jounieh, Lebanon, took the initiative to install three Little Free Libraries in their community. A teacher involved in the project told us, “The class has never been so enthusiastic! Thank you for the crossing-the-seas initiative!” We love seeing moments like this happen all over the world!

Ms. Carole Akl (bottom right, striped pants) led the Library installation project


Lastly, please enjoy this photo of a very good boy enjoying a Little Free Library in Jacksonville, Florida.

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