Young adults with disabilities steward Little Free Library book exchanges in Harlem, NY to help them build job skills.

We are so lucky at Little Free Library to be a profound part of empowering the next generation to accomplish acts of community goodwill as we work with hundreds of caring kids and young adults who want to build a world where book ownership is a given, not a provision.

Some of our most vocal and driven advocates are young people.

Kids Are Helping Kids

We’re always impressed by the conscientious intention in the places our young stewards choose to install Little Free Libraries.

They place them near food banks, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, social service agencies, community centers and high needs neighborhoods far from public libraries.

They instinctively now how to reach their under-served peers.

We know that the future is bright in the hands of these compassionate and energized youths who are…

Leading Others To Hope

Hundreds of Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts earned badges and pride in jobs well done when they build and install Little Free Libraries in their communities.

Here are just a handful of them.

Kiara starts the Little Free Library movement in Mumbai, India.

Kiara starts the Little Free Library movement in Mumbai, India.

Pioneering The Movement Worldwide

Kids like 12-year-old Kiara, who started the first Little Free Library in Mumbai, India, are inspiring others in their countries to start Little Free Libraries.

Fighting For Literacy

Passionate 9-year-old Spencer Collins fought city hall – and won – to keep his Little Free Library open despite a zoning glitch. Get the story here.

Healing Others Through Books

Books are very special to 12-year-old Lilan Negron, “I have some disabilities that I have overcome by reading.” She wants reading to help others so she opened a Little Free Library in a park in her hometown of Waterbury, CT. Listen to her story here.

Showing Us The Way

Adison, a marvelous kid reporter, tells us all how a Little Free Library works and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

New Orleans Girl Scouts install an LFL at social service agency.

New Orleans Girl Scouts install an LFL at social service agency.

Giving Their Enthusiastic Voices

If you aren’t quite sold on why Little Free Libraries are important and valuable, a third-grader from Ohio named Madison will convince you. She might be the most enthusiastic Little Free Library supporter we’ve met thus far. This 3-minute video is priceless. Don’t miss it – you can’t help but smile after the first minute.

If the kids can help champion Little Free Libraries in their communities, so can anyone who has a love of books, reading and building literacy for themselves and others.

Want to be a Little Free Library Champion? You can start right now, by supporting our Kickstarter.

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