Your Little Library is up and running, and you’re really excited about it. You can’t wait to share books and see who stops by. Which books will be the most popular? Will your neighbors use it?

But then, not as many people use it as you were expecting. Maybe most people look at it but are afraid to use it, or they don’t get what it is.

One photo steward Amber Jakelsky used to promote Movie Tie-In Week at her Library!

One photo steward Amber Backo used to promote Movie Tie-In Week at her Library!

Maybe your Library was a big hit at first, but you’re not seeing as many people use it anymore. Maybe you’re not in a high-traffic area so you naturally don’t get as many people to come by.

These are common questions! If they resonate with you, know that you are not alone.

Getting people to understand and use your Little Library can be a challenge, especially if you are one of the first Little Libraries in your area.

In fact, many stewards report that they didn’t start getting regular traffic and book donations until at least one year after their Library opened.

So, how do you encourage more people to stop by? Here is one smart solution from Amber Backo, steward of Library #9080 in Northampton, Pennsylvania. It’s called Movie Tie-In Week.

Movie Tie-In Week

The idea is simple. You pick several movies which are based on popular books. Then you spend some time searching local thrift shops, book stores and yard sales to find the the book and corresponding DVD.

Decorate your Library to catch the attention of passersbyThen you tie each book and DVD together in a cute little package, place each package in your Library and spread the word!

Here is Amber’s report of how she did it:

“One of our most successful theme weeks at our Little Free Library has been Movie Tie-In Week, hands down! The execution wasn’t very difficult at all. In fact we were surprised to see how many books and DVDs we were able to come across at local thrift shops, flea markets and yard sales.

“We posted on our Little Free Library #9080 Facebook page for a few weeks informing our followers about the upcoming event, and even shared a few sneak peek photos of some of the book/movie combos we would be adding!

“We tied little book/DVD bundles together, and even purchased a movie reel balloon to place out by our Library. Some of our bundles included The Secret Garden, Harry Potter, Curious George, Charlotte’s Web, and PS. I Love You. We also added books that have been turned into movies, even if we weren’t able to come across the DVD to pair with it.

Overall it was a huge success, and we have been on the look out for books and DVDs for next year’s Movie Tie-In week since the conclusion of our first one this past summer.”

Are there any special events or strategies you use to keep people using your Little Library? Please share in the comments below!

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