action-book-club-logoLittle Free Library is proud to announce the nationwide launch of the Action Book Club™, and we want your group to sign up!

A new twist on the traditional book club, Little Free Library’s Action Book Club invites participants to read books on timely topics, engage in lively discussions, and take part in meaningful—and fun—group service projects to benefit their communities.

In other words, the Action Book Club is all about “good reads and good deeds.”

After completing a service project, Action Book Clubs share their experiences online. Through trading stories, ideas, and successes, members will contribute to a national conversation and inspire others to take positive action in their own neighborhoods, starting a ripple effect of good works.

“The Action Book Club leverages the power of books to bring people together and have a positive impact in their communities,” says Little Free Library founder and executive director Todd H. Bol.

How to Join

Starting an Action Book Club is simple, whether you’re a seasoned book club, a group of friends, or a classroom of students excited to give back to your community. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up your club: Members of your Action Book Club can be friends, classmates, family, a local community organization, or existing book clubs. Fill out our sign-up form.
  1. Read a book: Select a book for your group to read from the Action Book Club’s list of recommendations, or choose a book of your own that fits the theme. Enjoy it.
  1. Get together: Gather with your group to talk about the book, connect with each other, and choose a project to improve your community. Select an activity from our list or get creative.
  1. Take action: Work together to carry out your community service project. Have fun, and don’t forget to take lots of photos.
  1. Share your story: After you’ve finished your project, share pictures, videos, experiences, and ideas. Submit your story to inspire others!

The first twelve groups that sign up to be an Action Book Club will receive free books of their choice on the theme of “Good Neighbors,” courtesy of Little Free Library. Every group that signs up will receive a welcome kit.

Feel-Good Stories

Looking for inspiration? Here are two of our favorite examples from our pilot program this fall.

In Grand Coteau, LoBourque_1_Grand Coteau_LA_smuisiana, an elementary school classroom read the book Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña then pledged to collect new socks for a homeless shelter. At the end of the month, they were able to donate more than one hundred pairs.

“This was such a rewarding experience where we all had an important part of the ‘action.’ All the kids worked together to help the community in need and the shelters were so thankful for the kind gesture,” said school parent Alysson Foti Bourque, who organized the project.


InDahlen_Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota, an existing book club read the book One Hundred Shadows by Hwang Jung-eun, then joined a volunteer bike patrol to help deter crime on a city bike trail and serve as community ambassadors.

“By keeping eyes on the bike trail, we’re helping ensure the safety of other trail users and neighborhood residents. It is a great way to be a Minneapolis ‘good neighbor,'” said Sage Dahlen, one of the founders of the book club.


We believe that books can inspire you to make the world a better place, starting in your own neighborhood—and we hope you do, too. Sign up your group to become an Action Book Club now!


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