Little Free Library at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Little Free Library headquarters is located just east of the snowy city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. This year, we’re thrilled to be part of the historic Saint Paul Winter Carnival! In the spirit of this great event, we also held our first-ever Ice Your Library Contest!

Congratulations Ice Your Library Contest Winners!


Benita Alleman in St. Paul, MN

“Though we’re all disappointed our Vikes didn’t make it to the big game, we’re making the most of it by watching our beautiful new stadium take center stage as host site of Super Bowl LII!”

Debbie Teague in Bossier City, LA

Giant snowman or itty bitty? Snow Illusions!”

Laura Trellue in Round Rock, TX

We are Little Free Library #37164, and we are sponsored by our school’s PTA.”

Margaret Grafenstein in Roseville, MN

“We made a big snowman pushing little snowman down a Winter Carnival sledding hill built of snow books.”

How Does the Ice Your Library Contest Work?

What is the Ice Your Library Contest?

It’s simple! We’re inviting Little Free Library stewards and fans to decorate their Libraries with ice, snow, or other wintry decorations. Whether you want to go crazy and build a Library out of ice and snow, or playfully decorate it with icicle lights, plastic ice cubes, and cotton balls, we welcome your participation!

If you know someone who might like to participate, please share the Ice Your Library Contest informational flyer with them.

How to Participate and Win a $200 Target® Gift Card!

To enter, fill out and submit the form below with at least one photo of your “iced” Library. The deadline is January 31 at midnight ET.

Rules and Eligibility

The contest is open to residents of the U.S. who are 18 or older. If you participate in the contest, the photos you submit of your Library may be used for promotional purposes in web or print publications. Your Library may also be used for photo opportunities and its location may be shared with the public who may want to see it in person. No purchase is necessary to participate.


Four winners will be chosen by representatives of Little Free Library and the Saint Paul Winter Carnival; winners will be announced on February 3. The four categories for judging are:

  • Most expressive of a Winter Carnival theme (Visit the Saint Paul Winter Carnival website for inspiration!)
  • Most expressive of a Super Bowl theme
  • Most inspired use of real snow and ice
  • Most inspired use of fake snow and ice

Four winners will be chosen, and each winner will receive a $200 Target® gift card! 

“Iced” Library Examples

The Ice Your Library Contest is all about adding playful wintry decorations to your Library, or even creating a Little Free Library from scratch out of wintry materials. So don’t let the contest name fool you! You don’t have to use ice, real or fake, when you “ice” your Library; snow counts, too–and so does your imagination.

Do you want to build a Little Free Library out of cotton balls and call it a snowball Library? Awesome. Do you want to cover your Library in silver glitter and plastic snowflakes? We’re all for it. How about decorating your Library so that it looks like a big football in honor of the Super Bowl? We can’t wait to see it!

Plastic ice cubes and fake snow add wintry flair to this Little Free Library!
A Little Free Library carved entirely from ice, complete with books made from ice inside!
At Little Free Library headquarters, we “Vanilla Iced” our Library by adding photos of the famous rapper to the front windows.

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