With a little imagination, creating a Little Free Library book-sharing box doesn’t have to require building skills and lots of tools. You can turn most any object that already has a door and space inside into a Little Library!

That’s exactly what steward Shiloh Kahnke and family did when they turned a safe into the brightly painted Bark & Cluck Library! (The Library’s name comes from the sounds that you’re most likely to hear when you pay it a visit.)


The safe came with Shiloh’s parents’ house, and sat in their basement for 20 years before they decided to turn it into a Little Library. It took four adults, a hand cart, a truck and a trailer to move the 300 lb. safe to its new home on the curb, but they finally muscled it into place!

Now, how did they weatherproof it? Shiloh said, “I painted it with Rustoleum spray paint and also hand painted the outside walls with regular wall paint. It initially had Scrabble tiles glued to the outside, but the Minnesota winter popped those off quickly. For the door, my husband put weather stripping inside it. The door mostly stays shut because of its sheer weight, but we also have an eye bolt that can be stuck inside a metal loop to keep it shut.”

bark and cluck library

Next up for the Bark & Cluck Library: a new paint job! “I am actually in the beginning stages of collaborating with the Shakopee High School art department to see if the students would be interested in repainting it,” Shiloh said, “so hopefully Bark & Cluck will get a new look this spring!”

Learn how to start a Little Free Library, or find a Library in your area!

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