Everyone Deserves A Book to Read


Studies have repeatedly shown that if we want to improve literacy rates, we need to increase access to books. In Houston and across the country, Little Free Library book-sharing boxes provide 24/7 book access and encourage a love of reading. Donate today to put a Little Free Library in a neighborhood where books are scarce.

Increase Book Access for Kids in Need

Studies show that access to books is the strongest predictor of a child’s ability to read and succeed academically.¹ Every month through our Impact Library Program, we receive applications from Title 1 schools and underserved communities where kids don’t have books at home. Ashley Azurmendi works at a Title 1 school in Irvington, New Jersey; she received an Impact Library and was thrilled with the results. She says, “Our Impact Little Free Library has been up in the courtyard of our school for a couple of months now. I refill it constantly, which is a great thing! Many books are finding their way into homes that otherwise would have none. The little library has also given many students a great alternative at recess. Students can often be found reading books from the little library during recess, before and after school.”

Support Little Free Library Stewards

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, we reached out to Little Free Library stewards in southern Texas to see how we could help. Stephanie Unger is the steward of Little Free Library #28440 in Katy, Texas, and while her library miraculously sustained little damage, she lost hundreds of books in the flooding. Stephanie says,This is a HUGE shout-out to Little Free Library staff … who so lovingly stepped up to provide us with replacement books after we were flooded by Hurricane Harvey. Water came into our house, garage, and barn, and spilled over the sides of the plastic bins where I stored my books … YOU ALL ROCK! Every time I look at my little library, I think of the love you guys shared!”

Promote Literacy and Diversity 

Through our Impact Library Program, we send no-cost Little Free Library book exchanges around the country every month. Tegan Shelton in Skykomish, Washingon, received a library in 2018. Tegan says, “Receiving a Little Free Library courtesy of the Impact Library Program has had a beautiful impact on both our community and our little family. My partner and I love our small town, but we often worry about access to literature. You see, we have a community library, but it’s only open a few days a week with limited hours. I teach at our local high school where over half of our students come from low-income families and reading levels are overall low. Our goal in bringing a little library to our community was to promote literacy and diversity in a community that desperately needed it. Since we received our library, I believe we have done just that. The reception of the library by the community has been wonderful!”

Source: https://www.nap.edu/read/6023/chapter/8

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