“There are no words to express the loss to the community. Nearly 2,000 homes were lost due to the Valley Fire, which is what the news is calling it.”

Aerial photo of the Valley Fire, from Wikipedia.

Aerial photo of the Valley Fire courtesy of Wikipedia.

Jennifer Barry lives in the small town of Cobb, California; located in the northern part of the state, Cobb is a quiet retreat off State Highway 175, forested with Pine, Oak and Manzanita trees.

With only a few thousand people, Cobb has no public library and one elementary school.

On September 12, 2015, a devastating fire, possibly the third-largest in California history, swept through Cobb, decimating the town.

The ongoing drought in California had already stressed the trees, and millions were destroyed and are now being cut down.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Barry.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Barry.

“Cobb looks like a moonscape…agencies say over 7 million trees were destroyed. Nearly 2,000 homes were lost. The firestorm was so bad, it destroyed homes miles away, as well,” reported Barry. 8 weeks later, the town is still in shock.

Barry was looking for a way to help her town get back on its feet, and she decided to contact Little Free Library. We immediately arranged to ship her a Little Library full of books.

“I know from my own experience…that the kids in our area have lost all of their books along with everything else.

“I want to give back to my community and being a teacher, I know how important it is to get books into the hands and homes of these kids,” she said.

We could not help kids, families and neighbors like those in Cobb without your support of our mission. Thank you.

Update, May 2016: The Little Library has been installed at Cobb Mountain Elementary and the students filmed this thank you video!




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