Library #6315 in Traverse City, Michigan was converted from an old dollhouse.

When people reach out to us and share their story of how they started their Little Library, it usually goes something like this:

“I remember the exact day I found out about Little Free Libraries. I fell in love; I knew I wanted one right away. The trouble is, I didn’t know where to start.”

Maybe you found the Libraries that we sell in our online catalog, but they were too pricey or they didn’t match the design you wanted. Maybe you found our free designs for builders, but they were either so specific that they were way over your head, or they were so simple that you didn’t have enough guidance to actually build a Little Free Library.

Here are a few other people who felt exactly as you did. They documented how they went from zero to full-blown registered Little Free Library steward.

Library #10883 in Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia.

Verbisaurus Blogicus – this post is perfect for someone who has basic carpentry skills and wants to build their own Little Free Library. Steward James Zimmerman documents how he took those first steps of researching designs, going to the store to buy supplies, building and registering his Little Free Library. He even created step-by-step building instructions, with a list of necessary materials, that you can follow to build your own Library.

Coastal Pet Rescuethis blog is great for someone who has pretty much no carpentry skills at all. The author will take you through how she converted a vintage bread warmer into a Little Free Library. (Psst! We share more easy, cheap ways to start a Little Free Library in this post!) She also shared what accessories she uses, how she started a mobile Little Free Library and more.

S. Krishna’s Books – this blog is great if you’re looking for advice from an experienced steward on how to successfully run your Little Free Library. Swapna Krishna shares what she did when her Library was violated, five tips for running a Little Free Library, and more. (We also wrote a series of blog posts based on her Little Free Library Takeover idea!)

Little Free Library #8424this blog will share tried-and-true tips to get publicity for your Little Library. They cover everything from social media to grand opening tips to resource on our website that they like to reaching out to local media.

Now, go forth and start your Little Free Library! If you’re looking for more resources to help you get started, you might like these:

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