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How to Get Started: Five Easy Steps!

First decide where you can legally and safely install the Library. The location should also have a lot of foot traffic and be highly visible to anyone nearby. Then identify at least 1 person to be the steward; this person regularly checks the Library to be sure it is stocked, clean and inviting. He/She also promotes the Library on an ongoing basis.

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You can build your own Library, find someone locally to build one for you, or purchase a Library through our online catalog. You can also apply to receive a sponsored GIFT Fund Library.

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This step only applies if you built your own Library or received your Library from a source other than You need to have an official charter sign and charter number on each Library to receive all the benefits of being a member of the worldwide LFL network. You cannot register on the World Map without an official charter number.

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Get your community involved! Contact the local paper, radio and TV stations. Send out a press release. Tell your friends, family and neighbors in-person. Use social media to engage your community with the Library and be sure to follow Little Free Library’s blog for insider tips and resources. The more people who know about your Library and support it, the better.

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Once you have installed your Library, be sure to hold a Grand Opening Ceremony and invite all of your friends and neighbors to kick off the Library in style. Have a ribbon cutting, provide snacks and exchange books. Take lots of photos and Register on the World Map so that anyone can easily find your Library.

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If you’re looking for more ways to get involved,
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