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Anyone can share books in local Little Free Library book-sharing boxes! Use Little Free Library’s world map to find little libraries near you. Then, visit the library of your choice and leave some books inside. It’s that easy! Please be respectful, though, and don’t cram books in a library that’s already full. Speak with the homeowner or business owner where the library is installed if you’re not sure if it’s OK to leave books.

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If you want to give a few books, simply put them in a Little Free Library book exchange near you. Use the world map to find a library in your area, then stop by and drop off your books! Little Free Library headquarters does not accept direct book donations.

Category: Donations

Yes, you may donate directly to Little Free Library. Monetary donations processed through our donations page are tax deductible. We will email you a receipt for your records. If you have donated other items or are wondering if the library that you purchased is tax-deductible, please consult your tax specialist for a comprehensive answer.

Category: Donations

Donations of books or other items to individual book-sharing boxes may be tax-deductible, but please consult your tax specialist for a comprehensive answer.

Category: Donations

Facebook Fundraisers are an easy way to raise funds for the Little Free Library organization! But please note that if you run a Facebook Fundraiser on behalf of the Little Free Library (LFL) nonprofit organization using our tax-exempt status, any funds raised will be transferred directly to the LFL organization to support our nonprofit programs. In accordance with IRS regulations, we cannot apply those funds towards a purchase in our online store.

Category: Donations

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