Last month Little Free Library headed down to New Orleans to attend the International Literacy Association Conference and build Little Free Library book-sharing boxes with sponsors and attendees.Twelve total book-sharing boxes were sponsored at the event, with six sponsored by the International Literacy Association (ILA), and the other six sponsored by publishers Macmillan, Penguin, Pioneer Valley Books, Capstone, Pearson, and Random House Children’s Books.

Left: Staff from Pioneer Valley Books beginning to build their book-sharing box. Right: Pearson staff member Erin Gunelson putting the finishing touches on her book-sharing box.

Left: Little Free Library staff member Dan Sheridan assisting ILA attendees with building a book-sharing box. Right: Staff members from Random House Children’s Books posing with their donated book-sharing box.

Staffers from Macmillan (left) and Pearson (right) posing with their assembled book-sharing boxes!

Once the book-sharing boxes were assembled, they were all donated to Linda Prout, a literacy advocate in New Orleans who’s been responsible for placing over 200 book-sharing boxes in the New Orleans community! She is making sure that the donations from the publishers and ILA, as well as their hard work put in at the conference, will have an impact in local community. Linda was a recipient of our annual Todd H. Bol Award for Outstanding Achievement. Read more about her efforts here! 

We are so grateful to the International Literacy Association for providing Little Free Library a space at the conference, as well as their donation of six book-sharing boxes. We are also grateful to the publishers listed above for their donations as well!

If you think it’s daunting to build your own Little Free Library, it’s not! Watch this video to see how easy it assemble your own Library Free Library kit. If you’re interested in bringing this type of event to your company or conference, visit:

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