10-years-little-free-librariesEveryone knows what a Little Free Library is, but not everyone realizes there is a nonprofit organization that keeps the book-sharing network going and growing. 2019 celebrates 10 years of Little Free Libraries and the moment when the first seed was sown that would spread Little Libraries across the country—and eventually around the globe.

In 2012, Little Free Library officially became a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, working to connect Little Libraries in your neighborhood to the greater global community—to expand the joy of reading and to build a more literate society.

We at Little Free Library are reaching out to you, our community, to please consider a financial gift to Little Free Library to celebrate 10 years of making the world a better, kinder place.

little free library staff photo

The Little Free Library staff pictured at our annual holiday party!

Behind the Scenes at Little Free Library… reveals a small staff of 11 people in Hudson, WI, moving the Little Free Library vision forward and bringing our book-sharing network to communities across the nation and the world.

On any given day:

  • Our Customer Service Representative, Kim, is available for an average of 30 calls and 50 emails per day. Our Operations crew Zach, Deanna and Dan invoice, pack and ship orders, as well as coordinate with our builders on inventory and shipments.
  • Our Marketing team, John, Margret and Megan, work on a variety of projects from new Library designs to keeping our stewards informed through newsletters and social media. In addition to operating the Little Free Library world map and keeping accurate data, they direct the questions and concerns of our stewards.
  • Our Marketing team also works with a vast number of media, authors and publishers in support of our Action Book Club and other book offerings for our stewards and friends.

You will also see:

  • Our Community Outreach Manager, Branden, coordinates Library builds and contact with publishers across the country to facilitate reduced or donated book offerings for our stewards.
  • Our Administrative Director, Shelby, keeps us organized with project management, coordinates the Impact Library Program, and supports LFL’s 10-member volunteer Board of Directors.
  • Our Finance Director, Lavane, administers all financial data with the LFL Board Financial Committee. She also works with employee relations, payroll, accounts payable, and our yearly nonprofit audits.
  • As Development Director, I bring the philanthropic arm to our stewards, donors, sponsors and friends. I work with the LFL Board Development Committee to raise the necessary funds to sustain and expand LFL’s programs and steward services.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our team!

Melissa Davies
Director of Development

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