Congratulations to this month’s Impact Library recipients, and welcome to the Little Free Library family! After a brief hiatus, we are thrilled to get back to granting little libraries to communities all over the country.

Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program provides no-cost Little Free Library book exchanges to underserved communities where they can make a meaningful impact on book access and reading motivation.



Meet the recipients, and read why they applied for an Impact Library:

Larissa Wandahsega | Hannahville FACE Program | Wilson, MI     

Hannahville Indian Community is a Native American community located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is a rural area where a lot of the residents don’t have access to a lot of literacy resources. Hannahville residents are proud of their Potawatomi heritage and I believe that the library would have a huge impact on both the older and younger generations as it would be located at our Administration building which is a focal point in our small community. Our hopes are that it would give our community members a place to share their love of reading and inspire new readers by having books easily accessible.


Kirsten Mulvaney | Lincoln Elementary School | Toppenish, WA

We serve a low income community with 95% of our students qualifying for free breakfast and free lunch. Our school is smack dab in the middle of the community that we serve. Many of our students have parents that work long hours in agriculture. They are often home alone for hours after school. While many partake in our latch-key programs, there are many that do not. This little free library would be used by our neighborhood students on weekends and summer months. We are also hoping that even students that live further out would be able to use it prior to getting on the school bus at the end of the day. What with the pandemic going on and being out of school for a minimum of six weeks, we are hoping to reach many, many kids with this little free library. Not only have our schools shut down, but our public libraries as well. Our students do not have access to technology or internet to use e-books. Putting real books into the hands of our students is crucial at this time.


Justine Flores | Flores Family Child Care | Los Angeles, CA

Flores Family Child Care is located in Los Angeles, CA we are a title one low income community. FFCC currently provides our community with free and low cost resources in addition to family child care early education, and hosting parent/community workshops and advocate with local, state and federal officials to address matters of importance in our community. Flores Family Child Care has high hopes in being selected as a sight to host “LITTLE FREE LIBRARY” we plan on using this library to provide our local schools, child care families, neighbors, community members and anyone who wishes to come with an opportunity to listen to us read participate in an educational activity based on a book located in the “LITTLE FREE LIBRARY” AND take home a book of there choice or an opportunity for them to share a book with others creating life long memories.

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