In this series, we’ll meet Action Book Clubs from around the country that are reading good books and doing good things to benefit their communities. These are Action Book Clubs in action!

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Book: Look Where We Live! A First Book of Community Building by Scot Ritchie
Action: Starting a school recycling program

This third-grade classroom at Bolton Elementary School in Cleveland, Ohio, was one of the first groups to sign up to become an Action Book Club. Led by teacher Robin Palmore, the entire class read the book Look Where We Live! A First Book of Community Building, which was purchased through a generous grant from local television station WKYC Channel 3.

The class then looked for a project that would improve their school and benefit the surrounding community. They decided to implement the school’s first-ever recycling program.

“After walking around the school, taking inventory, and asking questions, we noticed a lot of waste of resources in our school. We found out that our school does not have a recycling program,” says Mrs. Palmore. “We signed up at Pepsico Recycling and began to recycle water bottles. We set a goal from now until the end of April for 15,000 bottles.”

Not only are the Bolton Elementary students collecting bottles, they are making recycling boxes to use at home, holding a “creative recycling” competition, and are planning to improve their school courtyard by cleaning it up and adding flowers, a greenhouse, a weather station, and a shared learning space.

Scot Ritchie, author of Look Where We Live!, couldn’t be prouder of the Bolton Elementary Action Book Club.

“That’s great news! I love to hear stories like this, where somebody has been inspired by the book to do such a great thing. It inspires me,” says Ritchie. “Please pass my thanks along to the kids, as well as a ‘Go Cleveland!’ And a big thank you to WKYC for lending such a helping hand.”

Robin Palmore of Action Book Club          

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