Build Community and Improve Book Access through Little Free Library Book Exchanges

We are thrilled to partner with the City of Albuquerque to bring Little Free Library book-sharing boxes to your community!

When you start a Little Free Library you:

  • Support literacy. When children grow up in book-rich environments, literacy rates can skyrocket—especially for children living in low-incomes areas. In fact, access to books is cited as the number-one predictor of a child’s ability to thrive in school. You can help address the growing literacy crisis by bringing Little Free Library book-sharing boxes to Albuquerque. Little libraries ensure that kids and families have access to books at home, which helps them read and succeed academically.
  • Create community connections. We have heard time and time again that when someone starts a Little Free Library, they meet more neighbors in a week than they’ve met in the last 10 years. Not only are volunteer stewards fostering community connections with their libraries, over 90% say their neighborhood feels like a friendlier place because of a little library!
  • Join a worldwide network of more than 100,000 registered Little Free Library stewards passionate about literacy. The Little Free Library organization is here to help make your book-sharing efforts successful! When you buy a Little Free Library from us, we’ll include a steward’s packet of resources with your library, send you our helpful e-newsletter, and give you the option to add your library’s location to our world map.

We are excited to partner with the Little Free Library organization to support community collaboration and expanded access to books and literacy resources. For years we’ve been fortunate to have community members build their own Little Free Libraries. Over the last few months, in particular, we’ve seen how they can maintain a love of reading in kids when schools and libraries are closed and serve as a powerful way for communities to connect and share with each other.

Elizabeth Kistin Keller

Albuquerque First Lady

Get Started Today

Whether you’re a community organization, business, or a private citizen, if you’re ready to bring one or more Little Free Library book exchanges to Albuquerque, start by deciding which of the following best describes you. Please note that by participating in this program, you authorize Little Free Library to share your information with the City of Albuquerque’s Office of Civic Engagement. If you have questions, please contact Nicholas Vettero, Civic Engagement Coordinator, at

I am eager to get started as soon as possible with nothing standing in my way!

Great! We admire your passion and are happy to help get things rolling. We offer a variety of options for completely finished libraries that are ready for installation immediately upon arrival. We also offer mounting posts and accessories in our online store to make getting started as easy as possible. All book-sharing boxes purchased through Little Free Library include an official charter sign so there’s no need to purchase one separately. View dozens of Little Free Library models and kits available in our online store.

I am eager to get started and I’m okay with a little DIY!

We love that you’re interested in rolling up your sleeves to make your library experience more hands-on. If you’ve got a drill and a couple of willing friends or family members, one of our library kits would be perfect for you! Library kits include all of the pieces you need to build your very own library and only take a couple of hours to assemble.

If building your own sounds a little more DIY than you’re interested in, consider purchasing an assembled library that hasn’t been painted yet. These libraries arrive ready for you to customize with your choice of paint, stain, or decorations. All book-sharing boxes purchased through Little Free Library’s online store include an official charter sign so there’s no need to purchase one separately

I am eager to get started and I have the tools and skills to do it all myself!

We are in awe of your talent! If you know your way around a table saw and are interested in creating a completely custom book-sharing box, then go for it. Many people choose to build their own libraries for a variety of reasons. In order to make it an official, registered Little Free Library, be sure to purchase a charter sign and attach it to your library when it’s finished. If you need some design inspiration, visit the Build section of our website—you’ll find blueprints, tips on building materials, information about weatherproofing, and so much more.

FAQs for Stewards in Albuquerque

Why is the City working with Little Free Library?

The partnership between Little Free Library and the City of Albuquerque began during the COVID-19 pandemic to help support literacy and provide access to books while public libraries and bookstores were closed. What began as an emergency measure quickly became an opportunity to expand accessible literacy far beyond the pandemic. While Little Free Library may not be based in Albuquerque, LFL shares the spirit of community building, coming together, and taking care of our neighbors that makes Albuquerque great. As our city strives to create equitable, accessible literacy resources for all of our residents, we couldn’t think of a better partner than the Little Free Library organization.

What if I can’t afford to buy a Little Free Library or kit?

Consider applying to Little Free Library’s Impact Library Program. Through this program, LFL grants no-cost libraries and charter signs (for those who’ve built a library with their own materials but can’t afford to register) every month. Learn more and apply for a no-cost library or charter sign.

Who do I call about the installation or location of my library?

To make sure your Little Free Library site is safe, please call the New Mexico Pipeline Safety Bureau before you dig! You can schedule an appointment for technicians to assess your dig site by dialing 811. Find more information about the 811 Utility Resource on their website.

Why do I need to log my hours on the One ABQ Volunteers website?

The City of Albuquerque’s Office of Civic Engagement is dedicated to tracking volunteer engagement across Albuquerque. Data collected regarding service hours can be used by the City and our partners for everything from grant applications to national volunteerism awards. Plus, when you log your hours you can see the actual economic impact of your service, share your volunteer resume and achievements with your friends, and you become eligible for the City’s many volunteer recognition awards!

How do I log my hours?

Instructions for logging your hours on the One ABQ Volunteers website can be found here.

What counts towards reportable hours?

Any time you spend building, maintaining, or celebrating your library! Repainting the outside, planting flowers around it, buying some books to restock—whatever you do to make your library a better community resource, log those hours!

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