Little Free Library Philippines Fund


Support Book Access in Philippine Classrooms

Help improve access to books with a contribution to the Little Free Library Philippines Fund.

Your annual contribution of $240 will provide a Little Free Library to a classroom in Quezon City or Lipa, and support it with books and teacher services for one year. Your continuing contribution will maintain it into the future. 


Little Free Library Comes to the Philippines

Little Free Library Creator and Chief Executive Todd H. Bol has been working with Philippines projects and initiatives for nearly 30 years. At a time when the world face a serious nursing shortage, Bol established a sustainable method to educate Filipino nurses in US schools who returned to their local communities to provide training. Bol previously served on the Board of Trustees of St. Paul University, the Philippines’s largest Catholic school system.

Soon after he initiated Little Free Library in the United States, Bol’s attention turned to the Philippines. It seemed to him that the “Take a Book. Return a Book” philosophy could be applied there and in other foreign countries, as well.

The Philippines quickly embraced the grass roots phenomenon. Individuals and groups became involved in building book exchanges from local materials, and important partners emerged, including Ayala Malls, which is in the process of providing book exchanges for their properties across the country. Miriam College, St. Paul University and others also took up the cause—as did the Philippine Army, which established two Libraries in the Army General Hospital, Fort Bonifacio in 2016.

An Inspiring Pilot Program

Seeing the opportunity for Little Free Library in the Philippines, Bol and local partner organizations set up a pilot program in two school districts: Quezon City and Lipa, Batangas, a city of more than 330,000 about two hours south of Manila.

The pilot programs showed:

  • The capacity of the local communities to provide physical book exchange boxes,
  • The positive impact upon student interest in reading, and
  • Successful methods of book distribution.

With this experience in place, the current Little Free Library Philippines initiative was launched to establish a sustainable, well-grounded effort that can grow to serve communities across the Philippine archipelago.


You Can Help Secure a Strong Base

Little Free Library’s efforts in the Philippines focus on the establishment of book exchanges in classrooms. The classroom setting maximizes the literacy benefits of the program and helps structure the flow of books.

The program will first extend the successful pilot project to classrooms throughout Quezon City and Lipa. From those points, the program will expand to bring Little Free Libraries to classrooms throughout the Philippines.

Each Library setup includes:

  • A physical book exchange box, sourced from local makers
  • Connection to the worldwide Little Free Library steward network
  • Coaching and training on literacy and book-exchange best practices
  • Books, sourced through international book and literacy organizations

Americans and Filipinos are encouraged to donate to this exciting reading program!

  • American contributors can donate at
  • Filipino donors may contact the program representative Miguel Patolot at m_patolot(at)

Questions? Contact us.

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