We’re proud to announce that the New York Times is now a partner of the Action Book Club!

The New York Times’ Learning Network is providing a curated list of uplifting and thought-provoking articles relating to our Action Book Club theme “Come Together.” The pieces illuminate ways we set aside differences to create community, whether playing on the soccer field, riding on the subway, or responding to a natural disaster.

The resource, Come Together: A Thematic Collection of Times Articles, Essays, Maps and More About Creating Community, is accessible to Action Book Clubs and other readers interested in exploring stories of unity. Here are a few cool story examples:

“As this collection of pieces shows, we ‘come together’ with others all the time, in all kinds of ways — even as many worry that our shared public spaces are being neglected, that technology is making us more alone, and that democracy is suffering as a result,” writes Katherine Schulten, editor of The Times’ Learning Network.

While the Learning Network is most often utilized by teachers, parents, and students, all are welcome to access this article collection. (Even if you don’t have a subscription to the New York Times, you can access these articles for free!)

“Our articles can be read on their own, paired with any of the [Action Book Club’s] recommended books, or matched with the texts of your choice,” Schulten adds.

The Action Book Club invites reading groups to sign up, read and discuss books, carry out a community-betterment project, then share their story to inspire others. We’re delighted that The New York Times’ Learning Network has joined us in encouraging readers to make a difference.

“Our mutual goal? As The Action Book Club puts it, ‘to celebrate the power of unity, equity, and understanding in what can feel like a divided world,'” writes Schulten. “As you read, you might think about why that matters and how the theme resonates in your own life and community.”

Readers, activate! Sign up for the Action Book Club and visit The Learning Network’s inspiring “Come Together” collection.

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