11 Holiday Gift Ideas From Little Free Library

The holidays are here! We’ve put together our top 10 gift ideas that will surprise and delight anyone who loves Little Free Libraries. No matter your budget, there’s an idea here that will work for you.

DIY Painted Mugs

DIY Mugs

DIY Mugs from gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Cost: $5-$15, depending on what you already have.

Get the full tutorial here.

Simple. Cute. Affordable. All you need are plain white mugs, stickers (optional) and oil-based paint pens and you can create personalized, fun coffee mugs for the holidays.

Add a favorite quote or draw a Little Library!

LFL Steward Lapel Pin

Cost: $7.95 Buy it here.

If that special someone is a Little Free Library steward, help them show it off! This handsome dark green, etched enamel 1″ lapel pin proudly proclaims that the owner is a Little Free Library Steward.

LFL 50 Questions Game from Little Free Library.

LFL 50 Questions Game from Little Free Library.

LFL 50 Questions Game

Cost: $14.99 Buy it here.

This early literacy resource encourages fun conversation and gets everybody talking with simple but thought-provoking questions.

Personal Library Kit

Cost: $16 Buy it here.

Old-fashioned Library cards and a return date stamp make these any bibliophile’s dream for their personal Library. Too cute to pass up!

Customizable Artisan Stamp

Customizable Artisan Stamp LFL 400x400 copy FOR BLOG

Customizable Stamp from Little Free Library.

Cost: $17.95 Buy it here.

This cute 2″ stamp with a polished wooden handle is the perfect way to tell everyone who stops by your Little Library that these books are “Always a Gift, Never For Sale.”

Customize it with your address for a personal touch.

Coffee and a Cookie Mug

Cost: $18 Buy it here.

This white ceramic mug has a special cubby for holding treats (such as a cookie, perhaps?) while you enjoy your favorite steaming cup of cocoa, coffee or tea. Ideal for those who love to curl up with books and a delicious treat on a cold or rainy day!

LFL Book Necklace

Cost: $18.95 Buy it here.

Vintage Books Smartphone cover.

Vintage Books Smartphone cover.

The perfect gift for that special lady in your life – a charming book necklace, folded open to view the pages inside, that adds pizzazz to an everyday outfit or a special touch to a favorite dress.

Stack of Books Earrings

Cost: $24 Buy them here.

Sure to get lots of compliments, these topsy-turvy handmade earrings look like a tiny pile of five books, dangling from your ears. What better way to show off your love of reading?

Vintage Books Phone Case

Cost: $29 Buy it here.

Sized to fit Samsung Galaxy or iPhones, this nostalgic phone case features images of your childhood favorite titles, like Charlotte’s Web and Winnie the Pooh.

Fictional book map from wearedorothy.com.

Fictional book map from wearedorothy.com.

Book Map

Cost: $38 Buy it here.

This vivid, fictional map, which is loosely based on a turn of the century London street map, includes fictional areas dedicated to the works of Thomas Hardy, Virginia Woolf, Tolkien, Harry Potter and a children’s literature district featuring such classics as The Railway Children, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Where the Wild Things Are.

Amish Two Story Library

Cost: $249.95 Buy it here.

Of course, the best gift for someone who adores Little Free Libraries is none other than a Little Free Library itself. Duh.

The Amish Two Story Library.

The Amish Two Story Library.

Our bestselling Amish Two Story Library can accommodate books of all sizes and arrives ready for you to customize with your choice of paint or stain.

There you have it!

If you’re looking for more holiday gift ideas for the Little Free Library fan in your life, don’t miss our holiday special offers.

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