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Need information or advice about organizing your Little Free Library Project? These easy-to-read tip sheets can help. Are you looking for information you can’t find here or want to know how to register? Check out our FAQs and if you still can’t find the answer, Contact Us and let us know.

You Can’t Find Enough Money

You don’t have to pay for your entire Little Library yourself. These tips can make it easier to find small grants, sponsors and fund raising strategies. Better than that, you can learn how to get “buy in” from the people who want to be a part of this little project. filetype_pdfWhen You Can’t Find Enough Money for a Neighborhood  Little Free Library

How To Spread the Word

Tell your friends and neighbors. Get in newsletters, newspapers, radio and TV. Here’s how.
filetype_pdfHow to Spread the Word &
filetype_pdf How to Build and Sustain Support

When Everyone is Too Busy: How to Make it Easier to Get Involved in Library Activites

The keywords are make it easy. You don’t have to create a committee or giant infrastructure.  Instead, you can learn from neighborhood organizers, experts and Little Free Library pioneers. filetype_pdf When Everyone is Too Busy: How to Make it Easier to Get Involved in Library Activites

Where to Locate Your Little Free Library

Thousands of people have already figured out how to find the best spots for their libraries.  You can, too.  Don’t let zoning regulations or other issues get in the way.  This tip sheet tells you what works. filetype_pdfWhere to Locate Your Little Free Library

How to Donate Books

Many people ask us where and how to donate books.  If you only have a few, the best thing to do is put them in a neighborhood Little Library near you.  However, if you have at least one small box full of books, we would love for you to share them with a unique network known as Better World Books (BWB). filetype_pdfHow to Donate Books

Vandalism: How to Prevent It and What to Do If it Happens

You don’t need to obsess about possible damage.  But you can prevent it, reduce it and handle it. Here is (almost) everything you want to know about the topic. filetype_pdfVandalism: How to Prevent It and What to Do If it Happens

How To Register

The perfect resource for Library builders and donors. This handy how-to will tell the lucky recipients of your Library how to register and become an official member of the Little Free Library community.
How To Register

How Does This Library Work?

Print this out and stick it on your Library so that everyone knows what it is and how to use it properly.
How Does This Library Work
. PDF How Does This Library Work

How To Run A Book Swap

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of running a book swap from start to finish. Courtesy of Nicole Sullivan (check out her awesome Book Bar in Denver, CO).
How To Run A Book Swap

Ways To Get Involved

Want to get involved but need some inspiration? We came up with this handy dandy chart full of ideas for you! filetype_pdf How To Get Involved

Sample Announcement Flyer

filetype_pdf How can you tell the world that you have a brand new Little Free Library? Here is a simple but effective example of an announcement flyer. Sample Announcement Flyer

Program Guides