Get Your Steward’s Packet and Charter Sign

Thinking of building your own Library? Maybe you already have, or maybe you asked a friend, neighbor or local carpenter to build one for you. That’s great! Now it’s time to make it official so that your Library will be a member of the Little Free Library global network. Before we tell you all the goodies that you’ll get, here are the top 10 reasons to make it official.

The Many Benefits of Making It Official

When you make it official, the first thing we will do is ship you a Steward’s Packet of support materials. There is a one-time payment of $34.95 (plus $3.50 S&H) per Library to receive these items. The Steward’s Packet includes:

  • Getting Started Guide full of tips and outreach tools you can use
  • One Little Free Library official brochure
  • One bumper sticker
  • One page each of Recommended Reads bookplates and book labels that you can copy or print
  • Exclusive access to templates that you can download and customize–book labels, bookplates, fliers and bookmarks
  • Eligibility for free new books donated by publishers for the cost of shipping and handling only when books are available.

In addition to the Steward’s Packet, you will receive a 2.5″ by 13″ official charter sign and number.  Each sign is lovingly finished by hand and will let the whole world know that your Library is part of the Little Free Library global network! What does a standard charter sign look like? See below! We’re not done yet!

Standard Charter Sign Photo

Once you make it official, you will have the option to list your Library on the Little Free Library Map of the World! You  will also receive special prices on Little Free Library products and merchandise as they become available. In addition, we will keep you updated with our e-newsletter full of resources, connections and helpful hints to ensure that you have fun with your Library and keep your community engaged for years to come. Ready to make it official?

It’s Important.  Don’t You Agree?

To protect you, Little Free Library and the integrity of this movement, please view our Terms and Conditions. By completing the registration form below, you agree to these stipulations.

 Terms & Agreement.pdf

ATTENTION: Need our W-9? Click here. If you are having trouble paying with a PayPal account or credit card, click here for solutions to common payment issues. You may also download this form and mail it (with a check in the appropriate amount) to: Little Free Library, 573 Co. Rd. A, Suite 106, Hudson WI 54016.

Step One: Contact Information

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DISCLAIMER: When you provide us with your contact information, we will not share that information with any other organization or third party. We may contact you from time to time with special offers or updates, but if you reply and ask us to remove your name from this list, we will do so promptly. We believe in the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. We don’t like spam and lots of sales calls and you likely don’t either. Therefore, your information will be kept private.