Build a Little Free Library!Build a Little Library

Join the Neighborhood Library Builders Guild on Facebook!Learn from Do It Yourselfers and professionals — what works, how to keep out the rain, what tools to use, and creative designs.  Be a part of the Neighborhood Library Builders Guild group on Facebook.You can be a link with woodworkers, Friends of Libraries, service clubs, youth groups and others who care about reading. You can just build Libraries with your own hands or take a larger role.  It’s up to you.

                                                            Proud of Your Work?
As long as each Library that you build is an official member of our network and registered through our website, builders and sponsors are welcome to have their name or business listed on their Libraries. You could even compete in local and national design competitions and we encourage you to do so!
Be as creative as you want!
To protect the Little Free Library name and quality of the Libraries themselves, the name is registered and trademarked. Make sure you read these terms and make any Libraries you have built official before using the Little Free Library name.

Only Libraries with official charter signs and numbers can be photographed and displayed as part of the Little Free Library network. This is the only way we can track, monitor, support, fund and celebrate your efforts.  Click here to see the agreement. 

How to Build and Install Your Own

Have you built one? Want to learn how? Thousands of people have used these tips and tricks and blueprints and measurements for builders that we created just for you. We also have a variety of plans and instructions available:

Tips for Builders

The Fundamentals
Our first Little Libraries were roughly 20” wide by 15” deep by 18” high and on a sturdy post or secure foundation. You most certainly can vary the dimensions as you see appropriate.

1)Use recycled and found materials if you can.

2)Demonstrate green building techniques and materials whenever possible.

3)Build and finish the Library to last. Use screws rather than nails, and several coats of stain, paint or sealer.

4) If you have built your Library and are experiencing common problems like condensation forming inside the Library, leaks or paint fading, check out our FAQs for tips.

One Last Thing
Don’t be limited to building the same thing everyone else does. Check out the Neighborhood Library Builders Guild Facebook page and ask for advice. Look over our Pinterest and Flickr pages for inspiration.  See what others have built and know that no matter how skilled or amateur you think you are, there’s someone out there just like you.  Use your imagination! Finally, once your Library has been built, save the plans and document how you built it. Then Contact Us so that we can share your learning experience with the rest of the Little Free Library community.